Writer, Photographer, Filmmaker, and Poet, T.S.Garp was born in Southern California, educated all over America, and heavily traveled to Canada, Mexico, and the Far East.

Formal training for T.S came from Art College specializing in Graphic Art Design, Photography, and is a Philosophy major. Joined an Independent Film company as screenwriter, casting director, and as co-producer resulting in Winning the Maverick Film Award.

The author of 7 books: Voices of Angels, Serenity’s Dream, Love Sages, Secrets of the Supernatural World, Film Noir: The Best of the Classics, Sci-Fi: The Best of the Classics, The Doomsday Chronicles, and T.S. is currently working on a 8th book. A devoted fan of cinema, photography, philosophy, science fiction, art, poetry and the mystical, T.S.Garp continues to write as a published author, spiritual writer, screenwriter, and endeavors is to produce more literature covering lifelong interest in science fiction, gothic, fantasy, and the paranormal.